Opaque Nature

Who are Opaque Nature?


Opaque Nature are a West Midlands (UK) based band, who play their own brand of new folk/ alternative music, full of energy and hope, as well as more mellowed out intimate music. It has been described by Pete Donaldson as, “…blissed out folky loveliness, like Kirsty Maccoll and Jeff Buckley all rolled into one.”

The band was formed when songwriter Mike Knight (vocals, guitar) and Matt Cholawo (backing vocals, keys) started playing together, and with the creation of a few demo tracks, became featured artist on the Unsigned Band Review, song of the week on Amazing Tunes/ Amazing Radio and listed as firm favourites with other unsigned platforms.

With the addition of drummer Andy Turnbull and bassist Mike Summers, the band crafted an 11 track home-produced debut album, which received reviews from websites as far afield as musica-cuantica.com and the major Italian music review website ondarock, and gained the approval of fans waiting to hear more from the group.

Their influences include groups such as Bon Iver, Stars, Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons, although they may not sound much like any of these.

Whilst located in a genre filled with very similar artists that have emerged in the modern folky scene, they have been described as having, “…a flair and a quality that is unique, an innocence in lyrics reflected in simple, honest, home-grown music.” (RAW- student radio review)